[This is a guest blog written by my wife]


This week I saw something that broke my heart and then my heart melted because I saw myself in it too.  A young woman slept in the fireworks booth I am running.  She slept there two nights in a row.  The first night she left clothes everywhere but was gone before I got there.  I put her clothes in a bag outside the booth so she could get them later. The next morning she was in the booth when I pulled up, ready to unload the fireworks and set up for the day.  She had old clothes everywhere, covering every available space in that booth.  I tried to gently explain to her that I had to set up the fireworks booth for the day and assured her, if she felt it was safe I didn’t mind if she came back that night.  She scooped up all of her old clothes, shiny skirts, a pirate dress costume, a ballerina dress and a number of other skirts and blouses.  She spent at least an hour outside the booth deciding what to wear and how to arrange her outfit properly; and then she left, leaving everything she didn’t wear behind.

Who was this young woman and why was she so broken?  I prayed for her often and will continue to throughout the week, but what really struck me is how much we’re all like this beautiful but broken woman.  We try on outfits; really they’re rags.  We try to figure out who we are and clothe ourselves in what we think will make us beautiful.  We want to be beautiful.  But we are really dressing ourselves in layers of rags and somehow we feel proud of ourselves as we look at our raggedy, stained and torn clothes.  But we were supposed to be royalty, God’s children, princesses and princes dressed in clean beautiful robes and gowns suitable only for the children of the King. Our King watches us as we have forgotten who we are and try to remember; and He loves us.  We try so hard, who are we? What are we supposed to be?  How can we make ourselves beautiful and acceptable?  He’s watching and whispering…. “You’re my child, you are royalty and I have your gown.”  He whispers over and over again, “I Love you!”  Can you hear Him?

We don’t need these rags we find in old give-away bags.  They’re stained, torn and old and make us look sad.  We were meant to be the children of the King, God and Creator of the universe.  Oh, how much He loves us!  Be his little child and stop trying to dress yourself up in rags.

Pray for that young woman and pray for us all that we might remember that we are God’s little children, royalty adopted into God’s family by Jesus our Lord and Savior.  Remember.


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